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The solution to all of your archaeological and
historic properties questions in California

PastFinder is a unique product of Archaeological Resource Services targeted at the needs of planning departments and governmental agencies.   PastFinder   references all of the recorded archaeological sites and all archaeological reports on file with the State of California, and other sources, within its coverage area. PastFinder can also include reference to all registered historic sites, National Register properties, California Historic Landmarks, local registers, or other historic properties recognized by the contracting agency. This information is generally not included in the basic package

Implementation of PastFinder requires a comprehensive literature search for each of the information categories included in the program. On completion of this process, all of the information is tied to individual parcel numbers and used to construct data layers (themes) for ArcView coverage.

PastFinder goes beyond mere regurgitation of previously gathered data. Archaeological coverage is compared to several environmental factors, and the results used to classify each parcel in the community. The archaeological sensitivity of a parcel depends on several factors. These include the presence or absence of archaeological sites, previous evaluations of the area, and the relation of the parcel and several environmental factors. Eight levels of archaeological sensitivity are recognized by the program.

PastFinder will allow planners and other staff to answer questions regarding the archaeological requirements of CEQA in a few moments. When an applicant arrives at the planning desk, for example, the planner can enter the Assessorís Parcel Number at a data terminal and generate an immediate report that summarizes the information available, and the level of concern for archaeological resources.

PastFinder removes all concern over delays in responding to applicantís questions. It will no longer be necessary to consult outside agencies (for a fee) each time a determination of archaeological sensitivity is needed.  A small investment in PastFinder will both improve your departmental responsiveness and help you meet tight budget constraints.

For a detailed discussion of Archaeological Sites and Disclosure Liability in pdf format, please click here.

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